23 October 2012

Full Council;22nd Oct 2012

This month's agenda covered a range of topics;
  • Discussion about including the no-smoking initiatives in the Environment Sustainability Plan. After Council agreeing in a workshop in 2010 that this would go in the plan and a number of initiatives having been achieved it seems that the relevant staff member did not include them in the documented plan. While the initiatives would fit into a Health Plan when it is developed in 12 months time the initiatives sit in limbo. After some debate this was PASSED. The reality is that Council has already achieved; restaurants being able to save money by being offered reduced fees if their outdoor dining area is smoke free, no smoking within 10 metres of a playground or a Council building, no smoking at bus stops and some smoke free events (Adelaide Show).
  • Temporary Road Closures-SANTOS Tour Down Under; arrangements to close King William Rd on the 23rd of January 2013 for the Unley Gourmet Gala and on the 24th of January 2013 for the staged start will be similar to this year.PASSED
  • Procurement-Value for Money; have you ever thought that council pays too much for things? Council will trial a new system of procurement for minor projects to ascertain if there are cheaper options that still uphold the principles of open and effective competition, value for money, sustainability,ethical behavior and OHS&W management.PASSED
  • Financial Reports PASSED
  • First Quarter Budget Review; The number of projects budgeted for in 2011/12 but not completed amounts to over $2 million. It is concerning that so many projects are awaiting completion but it is good to see the money for Meredyth Ave road works still there. Other monies not spent include fencing at Page Park and the replacement of the slow point in Mills St.PASSED
  • Annual Report; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Att%201%20Item%20573%20FCM%20October%202012.pdf There are a few errors in this that will need amendment.PASSED
  • Hours of Operation;PASSED
  • Australia Day Awards; Time to choose a new committee to choose the winners for 2013. Nominations are open now.The committee will be Crs Salaman, Hughes and Palmer. Time to get nominations in is now. PASSED
  • DPA  Stage 3A- Further Amendment; the government has asked Council to further modify our proposals for Greenhill and Unley Rds to further increase the number of dwellings that could be built in these corridors. Some of their expected changes seem more reasonable than others; Council does wish to budge on the angle of setback or the degree of notification. However, Council will agree that what the state government wants can go out to public consultation. Then it's time for response and disagreement from the public to support our view.PASSED
  • Grant Funding; Total grant money achieved last financial year was just over $5million.PASSED
  • Elected Member Code of Conduct; There has been an investigation into the behavior of one member of Council. it wasn't me. PASSED
  • Financial Results 2011-12.PASSED
  • Sturt Debt; I was shocked to see in he answer to a question raised by Cr Hudson the current debt that Sturt have to Unley Council. They have $5,218  in rent owing for 39 Oxford Terrace and $49,800 in rent owing for the use of Unley Oval. We seem to be a very generous land lord and I am very surprised that no report has come to Council on this matter. In my opinion this is unacceptable, we are not a bank.
  • Selection of Independent and Council Members for the Development Assessment Panel; Confidential PASSED. I put my name in for this one  but was defeated in the ballot.
  • The full agenda can be read at;    http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Council%20Agenda%20October%202012.pdf 


  1. Hi Jennie,

    Thanks for keeping us abreast of these issues. Particularly worrying is that the SA Government is trying to "short sell" the public on DPA 3A, but hardly surprising given their track record

    Do you mean that the Unley Council does *not* wish to budge?



  2. By this I mean the Council has agreed that the Minister can sign of on DPA3 with our non-peferred options but we reserve the right to ask people what they think during the consultation phase. A large response objecting to some of the aspects will mean we can recomend the original options after people have had their say. So it will be up to what residents think and are prepared to say that will ultimately make the changes.