13 October 2012

Letter From DPTI

It is my belief that this has now been distributed to the houses considered to be within the affected area.

In reply please quote:

Enquiries to:                  Project Information Line              
Telephone:                    1300 443 198
Email:                           dpti.rr@sa.gov.au
Dear residents, landowners and local businesses


In the 2012/13 State Budget, the South Australian Government announced funding of $110 million for a major new infrastructure project - the Goodwood Junction Upgrade.

This project is a key part of the Government’s larger Rail Revitalisation program and will enhance rail and traffic safety, enable freight and passenger trains to operate more efficiently and reduce waiting times for traffic at the Leader Street, Victoria Street and Cross Road level crossings.

Importantly, the Goodwood Junction Upgrade will deliver local amenity improvements through reduced local noise levels, enhanced local landscaping and lighting and by facilitating improved local cycle and pedestrian links, including a new connection on the Greenways cycleway.

The project will also enable the re-alignment of Brownhill Creek and the installation of a larger culvert system to increase its capacity and help achieve the flood mitigation goals sought by the Stormwater Management Authority and Unley, Mitcham, Burnside, Adelaide and West Torrens Councils. 

The main construction activities involve the separation of the freight line and Belair passenger line from the Noarlunga passenger line through construction of a rail underpass near Victoria Street, Goodwood. This will result in the two Noarlunga lines being lowered approximately six metres below ground level. The planned works also include upgrades of signalling and reconstruction of the Leader Street, Victoria Street and East Avenue rail crossings.

The project is part of a larger $443 million package of works that will also allow for the separation of the interstate freight network from the suburban passenger rail network between North Adelaide and Torrens Junction. The State Government is delivering the project in partnership with the Australian Government, which has committed $232.1 million to the project.

The Goodwood Junction Upgrade is planned to be completed by September 2013, followed by the Torrens Junction works in 2015/16.

The project team is committed to providing all the information residents, local businesses and other interested parties need as design and construction of the Goodwood Junction Upgrade progresses.

We have organised a community information day for 28 October 2012 at SASMEE Park between 11am – 3pm, for which you will receive a separate invitation. In the next weeks we will also be visiting local households and businesses adjacent to the project area.

We are working closely with both Unley and Mitcham Councils in the planning and design stages and will continue to meet with local organisations and residents’ groups throughout the project.

I encourage you to meet the project team at our information day and ask questions regarding the design and construction works.

For more information on the Goodwood Junction Upgrade and other Rail Revitalisation projects please visit http://infrastructure.sa.gov.au/RR, email us at dpti.rr@sa.gov.au, or contact the Goodwood Junction Upgrade project team on 1300 443 198.

Yours sincerely,

 Luigi Rossi

9 October 2012

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