24 October 2012

Analogue TV's;What next for them?

The analogue signal will be turned off early next year. This will make many older televisions redundant and likely to be dumped. Thanks to a visionary resident and some questions to staff are now planning a way to manage this. I received the following email yesterday. When I get the details I'll publish them on this blog.

Just one is not a pretty site.

We have a general approach and agreement set up which I'll get xxxx  to send you. We are also currently putting together a paper to present to Council regarding a special collection service shortly after the analogue signal is turned off. This requires some detailed planning due to the potential size of the collection, assisting some older or less capable residents lift their old TV's, & some concerns about potential traffic disruptions/ jams as residents bring their TV's. 
 John Devine

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  1. The following deal has been made with Solo Waste in Plympton.
    All Unley residents will be able to drop off their E-waste in the 2012/13 financial year at Solo Resource Recovery on presentation of proof of residency.
    Solo will invoice Unley for the waste.