03 October 2012

Goodwood Junction;Consultation NOW 28th October 2012

Last night Council were once again briefed about the Goodwood Junction project.
Luigi Rossi, the project manager was in attendance. Very little has changed since my last blog other than the final selected route for the water that was to be piped under the railway and  through Millswood Lawns and then the streets near Goodwood Oval. Public pressure and common sense has at last come to fruition and the Arundel Ave culvert will now continue along Arundel Ave until it meets the original creek line, the water will then be aqueducted under the freight and Belair line and then spill into the original creek bed. The difficulties at Forrestville Reserve are yet to be sorted out . In order for this project to begin the diversion on Brownhill Creek to travel under Victoria St and now to the west of the houses in Devon St to eventually reach the original channel near the Pool must be completed first.
Acquisition of houses remains on the table, We were told that one has now been acquired in Devon St and that negotiations were continuing with the owners of the other two properties.
There were many excuses about the lack of consultation and even a claim, once again, that all affected people had been door knocked. This would seem not to be the case from the number of people who have contacted me in the last few weeks. However, the consultation, which will be telling you what will be done rather than asking your opinion, will be Oct 27th at Sasmee Park and probably from 10am- 2pm. homes, Some 3,500 homes are to be letter boxed about the project in the next week or so. I know I have said this before as this was what I had been told ( I even read the draft flier).
One of the outcomes for the DAC meeting last week is that all haulage of materials and other detail must be put to the Council for approval.
The other new information is that the project is supposed to allow for the use of the freight line during the project. The logistics of how they will do this escape me, so we'll see.
Please call 1300 443198 or email dpti@sa.gogv.au to talk directly to the people planning this project. They have given an undertaking to visit and discuss this project with any one who asks.

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