29 September 2010

Water saving initiatives

Gone are the days when Council can use, or afford to use mains water for all of its water needs. With a forced reduction in allocation by the State Government, this Council has had to think differently from those in the past if we wanted to retain our street trees, keep our parks green, and work towards a 'greener' city. This Council has adopted many initiatives, some of which have been Federally funded -

  • The right to purchase recycled water from the Glenelg-Adelaide Pipeline (GAP)
  • Improved water sensitive design for redeveloped streets
  • Developing Pocket Parks (i.e.: Fielding St, Kelvin Ave, Spiers St in Goodwood South)
  • Encouraging installation of rainwater tanks on Council and residential properties
  • Reducing garden and parks water demand with a mulching programme
  • Test drilling for suitable aquifer recharge sites for stormwater collection (i.e.: Ridge Park and Orphanage Park)
  • Installing water wells near street trees when footpaths are re-paved
  • Reducing risk of flood, e.g.: Glen Osmond Creek Redevelopment
  • Reducing demand for water, i.e.: Clarence Park Community Centre Garden
  • The Unley Adopt a Tree Programme
Below is the new rainwater tank associated with the Dora Guild toilet block, the water is used to flush the toilets.

This is the Clarence Park Community Centre biodiversity garden, an example of water sensitive urban design

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