26 October 2010

What are the issues?

At this time I have knocked on nearly every door and it has been a pleasure to chat with each and every one of you that I met. Most people are generally really happy with the service that they have received and the way in which their streets and neighbourhoods have been maintained and enhanced.

However there is always room for improvement and the concerns are;

  • Still having an asphalt footpath that is in poor condition even though it is a well walked street.

  • Street trees needing pruning or replacing

  • Safety issues near corners due to parking and excessive speed of some cars.

  • The electrification of the train line in Clarence Park and the lack of consultation so far, as well as the replacement and upkeep of the vegetation screen

  • The rerouting of the freight trains

  • Illegal development

  • Shrubbery encroaching on the foot path

  • Illegal dumping of rubbish

  • Graffiti and tagging

  • Cleanliness of the public toilets

  • Further speed restriction near schools

  • The street calming devices in Byron Road

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