24 January 2011

Update on Issues

On October the 26th 2010 I identified many issues. I would like to update you now on what has been done so far about these. I welcome your comments and for you to identify ongoing or new issues that need to be addressed;

Still having an asphalt footpath that is in poor condition even though it is a well walked street.

I have put a motion to Council, and it was approved, that the staff investigate the costs of getting all the paving work completed in this Council term rather than over the next 15 years (the time that it is now estimated it will take).This report is due to be presented to Council before budget deliberations start.

Street trees needing pruning or replacing

There will be a street audit in Dunrobin St (East to Eglington) and Langdon Tce sometime this year. Identified trees have already been pruned or are about to be.

Safety issues near corners due to parking and excessive speed of some cars.

I have requested that this matter be put on the Road Safety Committee Agenda and further sites be identified across the City where parking too close to T junctions is seen to be hazardous.

The electrification of the train line in Clarence Park and the lack of consultation so far, as well as the replacement and upkeep of the vegetation screen .

I am still waiting for an outcome to this one from our staff.

The rerouting of the freight trains

I am a member of this committee and we will be actively working with other Councils to try to keep this matter on the Agenda for both State and Federal politicians.

Illegal development

At least 2 of these have been investigated by the Development team, in one case the house was built according to approval. In the other the party has been required to submit a Development Application to Council to legitimise the work that has been completed on their property.

Shrubbery encroaching on the foot path .

The Council is putting together list of all properties with hedges that are encroaching on the footpath and working with owners to ensure the safety of pedestrians. If there is a hedge that's causing you problems let me know and I'll ensure that staff work with the owners on the problem.

Illegal dumping of rubbish

This seems to have improved. You need to get a date from Council before you put rubbish out for hard waste collection. If rubbish is dumped the please let me know and I'll forward the location to staff so that it can be removed immediately.

Graffiti and tagging

Graffiti will be removed from Brownhill Creek as soon as it is dry. (the creeek not the graffiti)

Cleanliness of the public toilets

If the toilets that you use are unclean then let the Council or me know. They can then be cleaned again very quickly.

Further speed restriction near schools
There were concerns about speed near the Black forest PS oval, this has been referred to the Road safety Committee for comment.

The street calming devices in Byron Road

There will an audit of these this year to see what everybody thinks and some idesa to move forward with.

As well as these

  • Many footpath trip hazards have been identified and repaired
  • There will be a street meeting before the northern side of Aroha Tce is paved.
  • I can identify those streets that will be rebitumised this year .

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