20 December 2014

Protection for outdoor diners!

Will bollards become mandatory?
Earlier this year Council spend quite a while discussing the safety of outdoor diners in relation to allowing Cotto (King William Rd)  to have there now existing outdoor dining. It seemed, at the time, that the rules and regulations had not been applied very well in  many of the existing restaurants and cafes. As an example the tables must leave the footpath  clear  for a distance of 1.2 metres and should be closer to the street than the shop. If you think of your regulars you'll note that the tables are generally placed hard up against the shop: this practice is not allowed in the regulations. This then leaves diners exposed to a scenario similar to what happened at A Mother's Milk on Unley Rd  recently.. Luckily there were no outdoor diners when a car mounted the footpath and caused damage to the shop. So where does this leave Council in issuing licenses for outdoor dining but failing to adequately protect them from accidental damage? Council will consider a report on this early next year. What are your thoughts on this?

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