26 July 2015

Full Council meeting:July 27th 2015

The following is on the agenda to be debated;

  • Draft Living Young Action Plan for our Young People; this plan has been developed over the last year and presents a comprehensive strategy for the next four years that should see an increase in engaging activities for children above the age of 5. It will also have a greater emphasis on activities that will benefit mental health.
  • Adelaide Parklands Management Strategy:Unley has only 2.6% of land that can be classified as open space. Yet the entire northern boundary of the City of Unley borders the south parklands that are part of the City of Adelaide. This paper recognises that this space is important for the people of Unley.
  • Replacement  Deputy Member for Development Assessment Commission; cccurrently the Deputy position is vacant and the report suggests an alternate member be nominated.
  • Financial Assistance Grants to Local Govt; this is to recognise the importance of the $1.168million that Council received last financial year from the Federal government in the hope that this will give Council a better base to argue for improved funding rather than funding cuts that have been proposed.
  • Swimming Centre Service Review; the report suggests minor changes to the way the pool operates for some savings.  
  • Making of Council's By-laws; this reviews to by-laws for permits and penalties, roads,local government land, moveable signs and  dogs
  • Review of Code of Practice-Access to meeting Documents;this sets our clearly when agendas and minutes will be available to members of the public
  • Council Rep to LBFA Annual General Meeting; Mayor Clyne wishes to be nominated for this position
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Charter; this will finalise the amended Charter to be more in line with what both the Authority and Councils (Mitcham and Unley) want.
  • CEO Performance Review:CONFIDENTIAL

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