24 April 2016

Full Council Meeting Tuesday 26th April 2016

The following may be of interest:
  • petitions from Parkside residents regarding traffic flow and from Page Park dog walkers to request a change of time in use for dogs off leash (4pm when there is no daylight saving). Both of these groups have also requested a deputation.
  • The endorsement of the Infrastructure and Development Strategy meetings: I am coming to the conclusion that these committees, in their present form, are losing their relevance. The debate seems to have been hijacked by fine grain debate rather than Policy and Strategy development.
  • On Street Parking for Businesses in Parkside: Further work is needed regarding the rights of residents and workers to the available car parking in those areas close to Greenhill Rd. 
  • Wayville and Goodwood Traffic Management Study:This reports calls for the recently completed study to be put  out to public consultation. While it recommends some road closures  (the same ones we knew would work 20 years ago) they are likely to be temporary, in the first instance, if community approval is obtained.
  • Forestville LATM Part Time Turning Restrictions: The turning bans seem to have been relatively effective in reducing traffic into First and Second Ave, Forestville. However, there is still some demand for roundabouts to be installed where these streets cross Everard Tce.
  • Update of the Library Service Review:This calls for some change in opening hours that will need to be consulted  with users.
  • Temporary Parking Signs in Goodwood:The report suggests that an audit should be completed to identify the poles that are in place but not use (other than for the show). This seems to me to be be unnecessarily bureaucratic ans the problem exits in Goodwood and the poles are easily identifiable. In Gibbert st alone there are 13 poles cluttering the street scape that could be removed.
  • Elected member Code of Conduct Complaint: A member of the public made a complaint about the mayor's behaviour at a recent meeting. While he has been found not to be in breach of the act it would have been easy to apologise for perceived offence and the matter would have been over.
  • By-law Applications: This one picks up on the hours of use for dogs in some parks, including Page park, and an amendment will be put to change the hours of use to 4pm or 4:30 depending on the mood of the meeting
  • Questions on Notice regarding disability access to Clarence Park train station  (Palmer)and about an Unley publication in Chinese (Hudson)
  • Goodwood Community Centre Lease Agreement; CONFIDENTIAL

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