22 May 2016

Full Council meeting: May23rd 2016

On this month's Agenda the following items may be of interest?

  • Community and Culture  recommendations for Community Grants:
  • Resilient East Climate Change Adaptation Plan; Makes for some interesting reading and identifies some projects that are already being done. How this will be funded at this stage is unknown, I guess it will be a matter of changing priorities as Climate Change becomes more noticeable in the future.
  • Eastern Regional Alliance Strategic Plan: Unley has banded together for a number of years with burnside, Campbelltown, Norwood, Payneham &St Peters, Prospect Tea tree Gully and walkerville to develop consistent strategies and to reduce the costs of some services. The way forward will still require extensive work if the alliance is able to become a structured regional entity.
  • Quarterly report Centennial Park: This makes interesting reading as the views of the new CEO are expressed very clearly in what he thinks is working and what needs a lot of improvement. Of note is the Future's Fund that holds a considerable sum of money and it's purpose. The strategic planning is out of date and needs to be updated in the first instance.
  • Motion on Notice regarding CATS: Councilor Schnell would like a small amount of additional funds allocated in the budget for this organization.
  • Unley Central Property Development Options- Next Steps CONFIDENTIAL

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