15 December 2020

Full Council meeting : Dec 13th 2020


You might find the following of interest:

  • Weller/Simpson Streetscape Improvements Consultation Results: The consultation results were divided on the extension of the Weller St slow points. Nevertheless, even before the effectiveness of the work in Weller Street has been reviewed Council have chosen to go to detailed design for this extension. While I acknowledge the need to encourage  more cycles onto this path without safe crossing lights or a crossing similar to the others in the new section where pedestrians and cyclists (walking their bikes)  have the right of way, at Simpson Pde may be shortsighted. PASSED
  • Community Land Management Plan for Endorsement: This is a complex document that describes all Community land an the level of service that each should get. PASSED
  • Asset Management Plan for Endorsement: This describes all of Council assets and how they should be managed: PASSED
  • Planning and Design Code Review and Submission: This document identifies the continued flaws in the new Design Code and suggests improvements in  trying to achieve like for like in the new plan; These flaws include
# Not really having to plant a tree in every yard there are ways out of it
# 45 degree interface with high rise buildings instead of 30 degrees
# 1500mm cill heights rather than 1700mm (more overlooking) and gaps in the screens are OK
# More public notification
# Garages big enough to park a car in PAASSED
  • Review of Nature Strips Policy: This is about banning the use of artificial turf on council nature strips. There seems to be better design coming for this substance but at the moment on a hot day you could expect it to be 20 degrees hotter than the ambient temperature where real lawn would be 5-10 degrees cooler PASSED with amendment.
  • BHKC Infrastructure Partnership Program and Grant Application: Council modified the staff report asking for  cost/benefit analysis before committing additional funds. PASSED with amendment
  • Unley Central Concept Plan: CONFIDENTIAL

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