24 January 2021

Full Council meeting: Wednesday 27th January

 You might find the following of interest?

  • Unley Oval Community and Business Hub: The Unley Oval Stage 2 redevelopment has now been to public consultation. Council is hoping that this development be shovel ready so that it can attract state or federal government funding when and if it becomes available
  • E-scooter trial: Unley  has partnered wit Norwood Council to apply for  a scooter trial. Hopefully, this can start later this year. Much of this will look much the same as you see in ACC, however, Unley is keen to ensure that there are fixed parking stations. We would also need to ACC to ask that the South Parklands are included in their trial so that Unley users could move freely into the city.
  • Review of the 4 year Delivery Plan: This outlines what and how each initiative or service will be delivered
  • Everard Park Fitness Training: There has been some controversy over this. The report recommends that Fitness training be allowed  for limited hours each day.
  • Live Streaming of Council and CAP Meetings: The report recommends that audio and minutes only are streamed and that this will be funded at the next budget review.
  • Council Assessment Panel Appointment of New Members: The report recommends that Brenton Burman (Chair), Rose Bateup, Colleen Dunn and Michael MeKeown are appointed with Carol Muzyk and alternate. The Councilor position will also be decided.
  • DIT Reference Group re South Road Development: This is the business reference group.
  • Unley Central Update: CONFIDENTIAL

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