28 February 2021

Ward Briefing Update: Feb 2021


You might find the following of interest:

  • Hammond St rekerbing: The recent works have had residents questioning Council's will to green the city with dolomite verges not being replaced with loam as a matter of course. 
  • Mills St: residents are anxious to see the traffic calming works proceed early next financial year. This will require council to endorse a staff bid for this work to be completed. Staff are hoping to get the stormwater works completed by June so that the calming works can start soon after and proceed as one project.
  • Hedges: These remain a vexing issue as it seams that staff views are not inline with Councillors views, or at least Don's and mine. We will now put a motion to Council to develop a policy in line with councillor views. In my opinion it is not OK for hedges to block legal pedestrian access.
  • Bees in Grantly Ave: The bees that have inhabited the cedar trees in this street have been mentioned tome as under threat from residents who would like to see their removal. They have been there for at least 20 tears and probably longer.
  • Millswood Croquet Club-Progress Report: The design has now proceeded to detailed design.
  • Stormwater Capacity: The rain even of Jan 25th this year is now being described at a 1:in 75 event. While there was much ponding of water few homes and/or gardens were flooded. I have asked for a report to come to Council on this  to identify areas that are at risk and improvements that could be done. 
  • Page Park and dogs: This issue has come up again with c continued friction between the dog walkers and the dog exercise group, especially on Sunday mornings. This may need to be resolved by the dog trainer using an alternate site.
  • Commuter parking: I have asked staff , once again, to work with DIT to see if the plaza area under the tram line could be made available for commuter parking.
  • East Ave: repair works on East Ave have begun.

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