18 June 2011

City Strategy Meeting 20th June 2011

The following items are of interest on the Agenda were discussed and will be recommended for Council endorsement next week;

  • The fee for home matches at Unley Oval for the Sturt Football Club. The fee to be $4,416per match. At the current time Council pays for the erection and dismantling of the fence; the cost of this is $2,500 per match.

  • Community, Cultural, Recreational and Environmental grants programme; local organisations that were recommended for funding are Studio Flamenco, the Salvation Army,the Adelaide Potters Club, St. Spyridons, the Maronite Society, the Effective Living Centre, the Broughton Arts Society and the Rotary Club of Unley. The grants are from $1,400 to $3,960. It was dissappointing that there was not a broad range of applicants.

  • Development of a new community garden in Unley. One of the recommended sites for further assessment and consultation is the old bowling green (adjacent the bowling club) at the Millswood lawns facility. Other sites recommending for further investigation include the Goody Patch, Parkside Primary School and Soutar Park. The Millswood garden area is supported by the neighbours and in my opinion warrants further investigation. After the final sites are selected funding would be in the 202/23 budget for implementation.

  • The continuation of funding for service provision to residents of Supported Residential Facilities.

  • The draft City of Unley 'Accesss for All" Action Plan to be endorsed for public consultation. The plan is Unley's response to the Disability Discrimination Act (1992). Council is required to ensure that all residents are able to use it's facilities to the same extent as others. Council recently received a grant to enable more people to use the Unley Swimming Pool by funding the installation of a hoist that can be used by people who can not enter or leave the water as other people do.

  • The Development Quarterly Report shows that building applications were higher than in the same quarter last year. The average turn around for a category 2 development is now 13 weeks; 43 of the 117 applications had to be approved/refused by the Development Assessment Panel. The DAP must make the decision when representations are made that can not be managed through compromise. Very few applications were received for demolition which was pleasing.

  • The strategic urban design report tells Councillors and the community where staff are up to in preparing the Development Planning Amendments. Further reports with final details will be put to Council in the next couple of months. Once approved by Council they go to the Minister who approves for consultation before refinement and final approval.

  • Future use of 39 and 41 Oxford Tce, known as Jacks's Bar and the Kirrinari playground. Council are being ask to make a decision regarding future sale of the properties. Council moved to investigate methods of sale that would be suitable. We identified this building some time ago as surplus to need and now should follow through to disposal. The Unley Sports Club (the current tenant) will have first option to purchase.
The full Agenda can be read at;

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