15 June 2011

Some Good Press 15th June 2011: Eastern Courier

A very slow point

BLACK Forest residents are
calling for slow points in
their street to be ripped up
and replaced with speed
Bruce Harlock is leading
the charge for the Byron Rd
slow points to be ripped up
after they were installed five
years ago.
"We signed a petition for
(the) council to have something
put in the street to slow
the traffic down," Mr Harlock
"But we've all hated them
from the moment they went
in. All the residents here are
hopping mad as these devices
ruin the street they are
driving us crazy."
About 50 residents have
signed a petition calling for
Unley Council to act again,
and replace the slow points,
which are kerb extensions
that narrow the road to a
single lane at six spots.
"Everyone says these devices
are an absolute eyesore,"
Mr Harlock said.
"They also reduce car parking
(and) cyclists have to go
in the middle of the road. All
we want is speed humps because
they are simple, unobtrusive
and keep in line with
the beauty of the street."
Unley councillor Jennie
Boisvert said it might take
until 2013 to be replaced.
"The petition has been
tabled at (the) council and
there's money in the budget
to do a study," Cr Boisvert
said. "But we need to get it
right because we didn't get it
right last time."
Daniel Frangos

Unley smoking ban plan gains valuable support
AN UNLEY Council push to ban
smoking in playgrounds has new
legs now the State Government has
unveiled its five-year tobacco control
The government's recent decision
to phase in smoking bans in public
places, such as the outdoor areas of
pubs and restaurants, has given
Unley Council heart.
"This will certainly help us and
give us more power," Councillor
Jennie Boisvert said.
"Many kids play in parks, but
people smoke there and there's cigarette
butts on the ground. By banning
smoking there it would encourage
healthy living and physical activity."
In January the council endorsed
Cr Boisvert's suggestion for the
council to investigate banning
smoking in parks.
She said the issue would be discussed
further at Unley's meeting later
this month.
"There's lots of support for it and
it's growing legs," she said.

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