15 February 2015

Safety concerns at some local intersections

Recently I have received comments or concerns about the following intersections;

  • Maple Ave and Leader St: the concern is that  vehicle waiting the turn right into Maple Ave (when travelling west on Leader St) may hold up other vehicles to the extent that they are queuing across the railway line. This concern was discussed during the construction of the Goodwood Junction and at the time thought to be unnecessary. Changes will be implemented soon that will prevent this movement.
  • Lyons Pde and Victoria St: the traffic management device at this location is being regularly ignored by some and, as such, causing difficulties for others
  • Mills St and East Ave; this concern is that the increased popularity of the cafe, Sublime, is causing people to park too close to the intersection which is then interfering with the necessary line of site to allow for safe entry and exit to Mills St.

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