02 August 2016

When things aren't ready?

At last week's Council meeting staff had identified that the Cycling and Walking Plan had a significant number of errors or suggestions that could never be accomplished. To this end the staff suggested that the plan should be considered aspiration rather than endorsed. However, one member concocted a motion that leaves the plan in limbo. While it did enable the works proposed and funded in this financial year all subsequent years that the plan recommends for will need to be further refined and adopted by Council as each year progresses. This risks continue funding and a plan that is poorly implemented. Yet, despite this the majority of Councillors supported the new motion. Never, in my time at Council, have I seen this done: usually we err on the side of caution and send the plan back for staff to further fine tune. This holds up the plan for a month or two but allows staff to implement in a well ordered manner. 


  1. What about community feedback on the plan? Was this just a token gesture? Were there community suggestions actually considered or was the feedback method so poor that response was minimal (no survey, no key points to review, just a 'what did you think' of the entire 60+ page technical document you have somehow found time to read in it's entirety)? The walking & cycling plan was short sighted, insular and poorly thought through. It should never have become a planning mechanism for any publicly funded works.

  2. Couldn't agree more. It did go to consultation and the problems were made clear to staff. Unfortunately, the majority of Councillors couldn't have cared less. I am put in the invidious position at looking like I am against what was a good idea when I am trying to get the ideas in perspective and correct before I will support them.