13 November 2016

Council Meeting: Monday 14th November

This is an extra meeting to help cope with the workload of decisions that need to be made and also reflecting on the fact that meetings that go until late at night do not always make the best decisions,
The Agenda includes:

  • City Strategy and Development Policy Committee Establishment: As we have disbanded the former committee and it is a legislated necessity to have one, the composition of this new committee, and who will be on it will be discussed. I favoured a committee of all elected members and still do as it is far less divisive that each committee having to have members elected onto it.  However, it is likely to be a committee with 4 elected members and 2 or 3 independent members.There were 4 committee positions filled last meeting (Property Acquisition Committee) and 8 to be filled this week. That's one  position for everyone, replacing the 3 disbanded committees. Unfortunately some councillors often want more that their share as they have are perceived to have a better skill set or more time; it is my opinion that we are elected as equals and should share the workload while paying some consideration to our personal skillsets. We'll see! Of the 3 this is my preferred option, would love to Chair it but as I am still on the Development Assessment Panel,will not be putting up my hand to do this.
  • Civic Center Redevelopment-Governance and Community Engagement: For those of you who were shocked at the article in a recent Eastern Courier on this topic there is no intention to sell the Civic Centre site nor to bulldoze any heritage listed properties. However, the way forward that is selling the air rights, will be tricky and public communication and support imperative.
  • 2015-16 Financial Statements:
  • Annual report 2015-16:

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