27 November 2016

Full Council meeting 28th Nov, 2016

Matters on the Agenda include;
Petition re Timed parking in Essex St, South: A number of residents are concerned at the 4 hour parking limits on both sides of the street
Library Service Review; Their is a 80% satisfaction rate with the existing library hours. The reports details the work of a working party that looked at alternate uses for the front area. The proposal made was not supported by an independent review and it has not proceeded. There is also some discussion about the location of the Toy Library, after review the current  location is still the most suitable.
Community Bus:After a review it is suggested that amore door to door services are offered to tye current Fixed Root users and that the service continues to get residents to the shopping centre. The charter service will continue but with the use of a smaller bus.
Election of Representatives to the LGA Board: I've written my list of prefered individuals, we'll see how it stands up
Community Grants Programme: Grants are recommended for a number of local organisations including the 3rd Goodwood Scout Group,, Good wood PS, Forestville Hockey Club, Goodwood Saints Tennis and Clarence Park Kindergarten
Conservation Grants: These are available twice a year for heritage works on heritage listed and Contributory items.
Corporate Performance Report: An excellent report on progress by the CEO.
Centennial Park Progress Authority:
Tree Prosecution: CONFIDENTIAL
Strategic Property Development: CONFIDENTIAL
Appointment of Independents to the City Strategy and Development Policy: CONFIDENTIAL

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