06 January 2018

Black Forest PS environs.

I sat down with Don for a coffee yesterday morning to look at the issues facing the ward as we start 2018. The BFPS environs was top of the list. The issues include:
  • The need for students to be able to safely cross South Rd (an overpass) especially as the traffic increases in the South Rd corridor.
  • The banking up of cars in Forest Ave at drop off and pick up times. Should the no standing zone be extended back to Kertaweeta St?  Is there a need for an additional barrier to stop people crossing the road at the corner of Oban and Forest?
  • What are the possibilities for the car park at 671 South Rd? Should Council be providing free parking for teachers or is this a DECD responsibility?
  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the Reserve in Forest Ave? The land belongs to DECD and the recently signed maintenance agreement gives all responsibility to the school except for mowing and playground maintenance. The rubbish that is accumulating around the edges (mostly dead vegetation) is the responsibility of the school.
  • The management of the trees, many of which are now significant is also the responsibility of the school.
  • In a recent letter sent to nearby residents from the Member for Ashford, Steph Key, suggests that residents should talk to Council about toilets and barbeques. Do you want your money spent on facilities on land that is not owned by council?

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