04 June 2019

Should Mayors have more power?

Mayors already have a responsibility to keep a meeting in order. Recent Adelaide City Councillors seem, from the reports, to have been behaving badly in recent weeks when debating on the floor and at workshops. The responsibility to keep all members safe relies in their respect for each other and the role they have been elected to and the effectiveness of the chair. The Eastern Courier recently described me a veteran Councillor, this means I've been on Council during many Mayors: Keenan, Thorne,  Clyne and now Hewitson. Some were better at this function that others. From time to time Richard Thorne's chairmanship left something to be desired, mostly because he wanted to debate every item himself. Clyne's chairmanship improved over time, Keenan ran a tight ship and our present Mayor is on a steep  learning curve. In my opinion Mayors already have the power, they need to use it effectively. They must also be skilled and competent to chair a meeting faultlessly.

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