12 June 2019

Valuer General tries to get values correct

Over the last few months the Valuer General has been busy checking the valuations of every house in Walkerville and Unley. They have been looking for what they describe as the outliers; that is those properties that are valued at much more or much less than their neighbours. In recent years valuations may have been lower than what you would expect to sell your house for;  this will no longer be the case, they will be valued (for Council rating purposes as well as water rates and the Emergency Services Level) as close as possible to market value. Despite this Council is committed to ensuring that the overall rates collected will be 2.1% more that last year. Nevertheless for some residents this may result in a significant change in the amount of rates you may be expected to pay, it may also result in lower rates. Council will write to all property owners whose valuations will rise  by more than 20%. If you are concerned that the new valuation is higher than you believe you can sell your house for, as always, you should write to the Valuer General and outline your case for a lower valuation. If successful your Council rates will be adjusted accordingly.

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