31 October 2019

The story of two palms

Image result for canary palm treeEvery now and again I get a request from a resident that is so compelling that I feel I need to act immediately and try to achieve an outcome that is favourable for this person. Not long ago the friend of a resident approached me about a Canary Island palm in Langdon Ave. This tree, almost inexplicably, is on the Council register of important trees even though it is not significant and id within 10 m of a house. This particular palm has been the roosting and launching site of pigeons and a dwelling place for rats. Council has done maintenance pruning from time to time on request. The problem is that the pigeons have made the life of at least one resident miserable.  After discussion with Council staff it was reiterated that the tree was healthy and would, therefore, not be removed. After discussing the matter with the CEO I  then put a motion to Council this week calling for the Council to support the resident in calling for the removal of the tree. After a lively debate this was  agreed to by Council. At the same time I also asked for  a similar palm to be removed from Culley St.
After these trees are removed they will be replaced by more suitable species and ones with a much larger canopy and more opportunity to shade. And the other good thing is that it may be possible for the trees to be removed and replanted elsewhere to provide instant landscaping.

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  1. Great outcome Jennie. I hope they can be relocated. I am a tree lover, but some trees that cause residents grief, such as in this case, simply aren't appropriate at some locations.