09 November 2019

Who decides CEO salaries?

Image result for cartoons about salary increasesFor most Councils this is done with  a small team that discusses the matter, at the same time assessing previous performance against and an agreed  set of Key Performance Indicators. They then make  recommendations to Council about performance and salary. This, in my opinion, is where we start to go wrong. A decision is made on performance and compares the salary suggestion with other like Councils. This seems to always add pressure to increase beyond CPI or union wage agreements for staff.  But will an independent tribunal get it right?  I remember the day when a teacher's salary matched that of a backbencher, It was from memory in the  late '70s. While the salaries moved further apart slowly the introduction of a independent tribunal decisionseems to have accelerated the differences remarkably.  A backbencer now gets more than double a Step 9 teacher. My point is that I can only see this increasing salaries at a faster rate than the current system.

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