02 May 2020

Full Council meeting 27th April 20220

You might find the following of interest:

  • Variation to Code of Practice: The COVID-19 restrictions meant that this time we worked from home using zoom
  • This means we also had to change the place of the meeting (each Councillor was at home, the staff were making it work in the Council Chamber
  • Main street Association Funding: this proved to be a well debated topic as Cr Russo asked us to consider reducing the amount collected by 5%  by not charging rate unto March 2021. While the sentiment was support Council decided to consult the community with the amount associations have suggested and let the traders let us know if they would prefer a lower rate in the dollar. This is a levee collected separately to rates
  • Annual Business Plan; this was approved for consultation with a o% rate rise. https://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/business-plan-long-term-financial-plan
  • Council is also consulting on the Long Term Financial Plan
  • Keswick Barracks and Surrounding Area: this re-looked at the plan that Council had developed in 2009 to get the truth in the public realm.
  • Lease Fee Relief: Council will now set in place some rules about which businesses can apply for relief and under what circumstances. This is for Council tenants only.

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