15 July 2011

City Strategy meeeting 18th July 2011

This months Agenda had some interesting items,

  • Future Directions of the Unley Citizens' Centre; Council have already made a decision to not consider Jack's bar as a suitable site. However, Council is keen to start preliminary work to decide at what site the aging communities needs can best be met in the future and what the likely cost of providing these facilities will be. This was supported.

  • Draft Library Strategy; this will be ready for consultation shortly. It is named Reading the Future. The libraries in Unley are hoping to set a direction for the next five years; the impact of digital technology on the way that people manage their reading and search for knowledge is integral to this. This policy will be rewritten to include further view expressed by the working committee and to get rid of the appalling grammar and inaccuracies in the report.

  • Environmental Sustainability Plan 201/13; This has been updated to include water sensitive urban design, greening the tram corridor and a review of footpath water well trials. (I will detail the accomplishments so far in a separate blog). This was supported.

  • King William Rd closure for SALA on sale; SALA on sale will be held Sunday 28th August. There was a suggestion that we might trial regular Sunday closings of this street.

  • Parking study in Wayville, Unley and Parkside; This does not affect Goodwood South but it is important that in doing something to one street the problems are not simply moved to someone else's street. This was supported and each street will be consulted as their turn comes up.

  • Community Engagement in Public Consultation; This sounds like an interesting topic, perhaps the most interesting is that when this policy was publicly consulted the response from the community was minimal. People do care and it is important that we listen to what each person has to say on any given topic while not forgetting that those who didn't participate might have been happy with what they already have. This was supported although Council want further input in to the final toolkit that staff will use.

  • Elected Member Code of Conduct; This is proving difficult to get right. As I am the only Councilor who has had cause to need the existing policy it certainly needed clarification. However, I am still concerned that the policy needs to detail what happens if a person who is found to have breached the Code refuses to accept and perform the sanction imposed. The new one was supported with minor changes.

  • Tour Down Under-Elected members reference group; Unley has won a staged start again for 2012 and will hold the Gourmet Gala again.

  • Sponsorship for events at the Swimming Pool;both the multiple Sclerosis Society and Triathlon SA wish for us to again consider the same level of sponsorship as they have had in the past. Both seem to be very worthwhile causes and were supported.

To read the full agenda you will find it at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP_July_2011.pdf

The minutes from the meeting will be available on the Council website on Friday.

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