15 July 2011

Environmental Sustainability achievments 2010/11

Sustainability is at the forefront of many people's mind at the present time and has been an initiative Council has been keen to pursue.
projects that have been undertaken in 2010/11 include
Climate Change projects;

  • A sustainable living resource has been developed and can be accesses on Councils' web site.

  • The Solar Easy scheme is up and running.

  • Council have added new hybrid and fuel efficient cars to the fleet.

  • The sustainable buildings programme has seen more efficient air conditioning installed at the Civic Centre and solar panels installed at the Swimming Pool.

Water projects include;

  • Recycled water available from the Glenelg Adelaide Pipeline to water our ovals and parks.

  • Design for aquifer storage and recharge at Ridge Park.

  • Design of stormwater capture and rain gardens on Wattle St.

  • Stormwater capture to water vegetation on Aroha Tce.

  • Dual flush toilets in public spaces (many of which also capture rain water to do this.)

Waste projects include;

  • The campaign against illegal dumping.

  • A pilot E-waste project.

  • Council purchasing products for their own use hat have been made using more sustainable resources ,eg. black landscaping posts made out of waste plastics.

Sustainable landscapes include;

  • Pocket parks

  • Adopt a tree with over 400 trees being adopted.

  • Planting more trees, especially deciduous trees, in children's playgrounds.

  • more frequent tree watering in summer.

  • The establishment of more community gardens. You might find this video clip on the Fern Avenue garden interesting. http://www.todaytonightadelaide.com.au/ . Select backyard gardens.

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