23 January 2016

Goodwood Rd underpass floods

Yesterday saw isolated flash flooding in unley. The Goodwood Rd Underpass was closed for sometime. I guess the adage is true that there will always be flooding dependent on the nature and duration of the storm. Nevertheless, let 2016 see some action in the clearing of Brown Hill Creek to allow a better passage of water. Yesterday's storm was of a short duration, imagine the impact if it rained like that for 24 hours?Related image


  1. I thought the Council had sorted out the issues with flooding along Brownhill Creek. Where did all that water that flooded the underpass come from? Was is caused by flooding along the Creek?

  2. Councils have agreed, on a yet unfunded scheme, that, according to the experts, will reduce the risk of flooding from Brown Hill Creek. To this date, other than works, that Council has funded such as the new Ridge Park dam, very little has been done. While the works should be a priority for funding by both the state and federal governments (with a one third share that is budgeted from Councils)neither are ready to commit funds. While I don't know the answer to your last question I would suggest that the depression is poorly drained. It is the responsibility of DPTI to ensure excess water in flash storms can get into the Council drainage system. system.