26 March 2016

Byron Rd, can we get it right this time?

As those of you who live in Byron Rd are aware the consultation has commenced on the type of traffic management devices that  should be installed to further calm the traffic. Given that the upgrade  of South Rd  between Emerson Crossing and  Anzac Hwy is now likely to be at least 10 years away Council has decided to proceed with further calming of traffic in Byron rd. residents have been asked if they wish to retain the status quo, to add an additional pillow on the top of existing slow points or for the removal of the existing slow points and replacement with Watts Profile speed humps (and more of them) as in Forest Ave. Residents have been given until the 4th April to have their say. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I knocked on every door in the street this morning, while many people were not at home it was great to have a chat with those that were.