28 March 2016

Full Council Meeting: Tuesday 29th March

The following items may be of interest:

  • Deputations for property owners that bound 75 King William Rd and from The Sturt Football Club regarding the upgrade of the Unley Oval Grandstands
  • King William Rd and Arthur St intersection: After much investigation it seems that the sight lines are being blocked by the positioning of A-frames and good fro sale rather than verandah posts. This calls to light Council Policy on signage and the necessity for staff to work with shop owners to achieve the greatest number of customers but not at the expense of safety, or perceived safety, of road users.
  • Future Grandstand Upgrades at Unley Oval- Results of Community Engagement: Council have been asked to consider feedback, mostly positive about the proposed upgrading. Unfortunately, many (30%) of the responses were from people who do not live near the Oval and do not even live in Unley.  My concerns at this stage still remains around funding and what priority Council should give to this project when other projects are at least as needy: eg Millswood Lawns and Goodwood Saints facilities.  My other concerns are regarding the sale of 39 Oxford Tce and the proportion of funding that Sturt should be putting into the project.
  • Informal Gatherings Policy: This might seem a little dull but following legislative changes all gatherings of Council must now be open to the public. That is all Council workshops; the workshops where Council is often accused of making decisions outside of public view.  So if the topic interests you lets see you all there. I'll make a point of updating you on the workshop schedule just as soon as they are open.
  • Submission to the Stormwater Management Authority regarding Brown Hill Crk: the revised  t to the Stormwater Management Plan has been submitted to the SMA.


  1. what does 49 Oxford Terrace have to do with Unley Oval grandstands though?

  2. I should have stated 39 oxford tce and have amended the initial blog. The sale of this property is imperative in being able to fund a project such as this. It currently has rent subsidised by all residents when a commercial rate should be applied.