14 March 2016

Parklets: who should pay?

Remember the controvesy regarding the build out of the curb at Maud St, Unley (A Mother's Milk) and who should pay? You might also remember that Council agreed to pay half of the cost. This has now been constructed. What is of concern to me is the next curb extensions to facilitate outdoor dining will be built on King William rd; one at the corner of Opey Ave (Cotto) and the other at the corner of Bloomsbury St (Nutrition Republic). Both of these businesses seemed to be thriving this morning when I ate a great breakfast at Stumps. Delicious and I'm still not hungry.
My concern is that the Council intends to build these at no cost to the restaurants? What do you think?
The current parlet in KWR (not associated with a restaurant)

1 comment:

  1. No wonder our rates are high. We residents are paying for this and then pay for a coffee to have in the parklet.