22 January 2017

Full Council meeting: Jan 23rd 2017

The first meeting for 2017 and an interesting Agenda. The following items may be of interest;

  • Submissions for Funding-Rosefield Community Shed: This small community group would like some seed funding ($7,500 x 2) to enable a paid coordinator to be employed. Men's sheds are not a new phenonema: the TOYS Men's Shed at Clarence Park Community Centre has been supporting and helping for many years. There is an unmet need for activities that encourage retired men to be engaged in their community (women can be involved as well) and both share and learn new skills. This request fits well with Unley's Active Aging policy. PASSED
  • Finance Performance Report for the Quarter ended Dec 2016: So far a positive cash flow of $2.1m has been achieved. PASSED
  • Community Consultation and Design Review of Oxford Tce Streetscape: This project, in my opinion, is flawed and poorly timed. I have no problem with consulting on changing the traffic flow in Oxford Tce from two way to one way but little of the multi million dollar upgrade makes sense to me. If Council proceed with enabling a development on the Council owned Civic Centre land then any landsaping in Oxford Tce is likely to be destoyed by the process of any upgrade.PASSED despite my concerns.
  • Breach of Code of Conduct for Council Member: Cr Hewitson has been found to have breached our Code of Conduct and the Ombudsman has requested that the information be provided to a public meeting, that he must apologise for his behaviour and be reprimanded by Council for his actions. From my reading he forwarded emails to his son and nephew that a resonable person would have assumed were confidential. In doing this it may have been possible for others to have gained an advantage in a tender process. It makes interesting reading if you have the time. PASSED.
  • Nominations for the LGA Advisory Committee: Don Palmer was nominated as a candidate.
  • ERA Chairman and CEO Report: The collaboration between Councils continues to provide savings and innovation. PASSED
  • Notice of Motion from Cr Rabbitt regarding DPTI land near Millswood Station: The proposal is to try to get DPTI to allow Council to landscape and manage this eyesore.PASSED
  • Notice of Motion form Cr Boisvert regarding the interesection of Victoria St and Goodwood Rd: Following the upgrade it is anticipated that cars attempting to turn right from Victoria St will hold up those wishing to travel south.This proposes a way forward if this occurs.PASSED
  • King William Rd Traders Association: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Strategic Property Committee Minutes: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Audit and Governance committee Minutes: CONFIDENTIAL


  1. Despite my protests Cr Hewitson made his apology at this meeting. Given the agenda notes I felt this was unfair in that it was required to be given at the February meeting. Those who then wished to hear the apology and a personal explanation would have had the opportunity to do so. However, it should be in the minutes of the meeting.

  2. Terrible behaviour by a Councillor that warranted investigation by ICAC.
    Shame on Councillor Michael Hewitson.
    What was he thinking?
    He should have stood down or been sacked.