26 January 2017

Rumblings in Leah St

The recent closure of South Rd  has caused significant distress for the residents of Leah St. As all traffic was diverted from South Rd much of the traffic finished up rumbling through Leah St and East Ave. The residents have banded together and seized the opportunity in being proactive in ensuring that, in the short term, the same will not happen when the repairs of the cycle bridge are actually done and when South Rd is closed (or reduced to one lane) when the major upgrade from Darlington to Anzac Hwy are eventually undertaken. Their concerns include:
  • Removing heavy traffic, including buses
  • Downgrading the classification of Leah St so that is no longer a collector street
  • Better mangement of traffic when South Rd is closed
  • Improved streetscape
  • Implementation of outcomes for the Forestville Local Area Traffic Management Plan.(Council has been trialling turning bans only)
  • Assistance for individual homes  for noise mitigation, air quality monitoring and reverberation.

1 comment:

  1. Please keep the speed cushions in Leah Street.
    They work well.
    Don't let Council Remove them.