13 January 2017

Gourmet Gala all ready for Monday evening (16th)

 The 2017 Unley Gourmet Gala which is shaping up to be a spectacular celebration on King William Road! The weather is looking perfect with a beautiful balmy night forecast. 

A few key highlights to note:

  • Record number of registered businesses involved in the event (55)
  • Every single participating business is from within the City of Unley
  • Record  sponsorship achieved 
  • Fashion stage has been moved to the Park/Mitchell intersection and will also feature live music in between the runway shows
  • New ‘World Sounds’ stage at the Arthur Street end which will feature cultural performances from around the globe (mini-Womad style)
  • The Wheelie Good Garden will form a spectacular entry at Arthur Street which has been created by celebrity gardener Sophie Thompson using over 200 repurposed bicycle wheels
  •  New neon theming is starting to take over the street with decorations being completed this weekend
       Hope to see you there!

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