02 April 2018

Council development plans could be scrapped

We all knew that the Labor government had massive changes to planning in store but had hoped that Liberal government might soften the blow. Apparently, this is not the case and the new government will push through with the planning code that the old government had been working on. The new code will become the state's single planning rule book for assessing all development applications. All planning applications will be lodged electronically to an ePlanning portal. In this new system residents are most likely be how they wish their area to be zoned and then not even receive notification when a development is proposed next door. To some extent this may work but only if the rules are the rules and that the Development Assessment Commission or Council Assessment Panel cannot add their own judgement to height or density as they see fit. Unfortunately, Unley's intricate and hard fought planning code may be dismantled against the wishes of residents.

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