13 April 2018

Weller St :proposed slow points

Council are seeking your views on a bicycle boulevard and traffic calming measures in Weller Street, Millswood/Goodwood. This will involve installation of slow points along the street, kerb extensions at intersections and changes to the Mitchell Street/Weller Street intersection. The goal of the improvements is to create a more cycling friendly environment as well as reduce traffic volumes and speeds on Weller Street. Concept plans are available here
The Concept Plans include the following elements:
  • Improved traffic control and pedestrian/cycling safety at the intersection of Weller Street and Mitchell Street: two design options have been provided for consideration
  • Traffic calming measures along Weller Street, including raised single lane slow points and kerb extensions: this also creates consistent traffic control along the length of the Wood Street and Weller Street corridor/bicycle route
  • Better indication of Weller Street as a low-traffic cycling route including line marking and bike logo ‘sharrows’.
  • It is necessary to restrict parking for 15m adjacent each slow point to allow a cyclist to ride along the kerb, which supports cyclist safety and efficiency of the bicycle route. This results in the loss of 25 parking spaces. The street can currently accommodate approximately 95 parked vehicles. Parking observations suggest that generally 15-25 vehicles are parked on-street on a typical day, indicating that overall parking availability will still be adequate.
The Concept Plans detail the type and locations of the proposed measures, as well as identifying where on-street car parking would be removed to accommodate the changes.
If you are happy or unhappy with this proposal then please go to the same website and Have Your Say. You need to do this before April 20th.

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