24 February 2019

Council scandals...

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An interesting article in yesterday's paper detailed many council's past failings. So what were they:

  • Disappearing mayoral robes at West Torrens
  • Hiring of a personal media coach at Adelaide
  • Secrecy at Burnside
  • Clash between CEO and Mayor at Port Adelaide
  • The dismissal of Playford's CEO during the caretaker period
  • The ghastly memorial on the corner at Glynde corner eventually paid for by Campbelltown
  • Travel expenses wrongly claimed at Port Pirie 
  • Golf fees and credit card misuse at Onkaparinga
  • Land swapping at Charles Sturt
Unley didn't get a wrap in this one but it might have included:
  • Dodgy deals at Centennial Park
  • Mayor gets arrested
Nevertheless considering the complexity of councils and that any one council wasn't mentioned twice it might actually be a good record compared to other  government agencies just this week.

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