19 February 2019

Liberals really don't think they need Badcoe

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Not for Black Forest!!
to win the next election. Just last week I wrote a blog about rising house prices in Black Forest due to it being zoned to the new Adelaide Botanic High School. But yesterday the Liberal government had the audacity to change the zone to remove Black Forest and the rest of Clarence Park from the zone. This is an insult to residents who had thought that their children would be able to attend a school they knew they could be proud of to one that they perceive to be consistently under performing. I could see Jayne Stimson on the TV news  collecting signatures at Black Forest Primary School. this is a very high price to pay for winning the seat of Badcoe.

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  1. i spoke to David Pisoni at a FOCUS event on Wednesday. I found little sympathy for those opposing this decision. However, he was quite confident that students would be able to gain out of zone entry to Unley High as it increased enrolments. This isn't good enough!