17 February 2019


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The City of Unley will receive more than $590,000 in funding over two years after being announced as one of 27 organisations to receive a grant from Sport Australia.

The grant will fund the Council’s new Daily Moves program, which aims to engage about 800 participants aged over 65 across the eastern region of Adelaide, for physical health assessments and to develop personalised exercise plans.

The City of Unley was the first council in South Australia to become a World Health Organisation Age Friendly City and Community. Winning this grant is recognition of Unley's leadership, and they  look forward to making a positive impact on older people’s lives.

Program participants will be assessed for health factors, including balance, sleep quality and grip strength, to guide a personalised physical exercise plan. The plan will include recommendations about local activities in fitness businesses, clubs and community settings or a home-based program.

Specific needs of individuals will be supported through modified fitness activities. 

Only 25 per cent of people aged over 65 meet the physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes day. South Australia is ageing faster than any other mainland state and the City of Unley wants to ensure our people are living healthy, active and resilient lives.

Program partners will be assessed on being age friendly and provided with resources to ensure participants have their needs met.

The City of Unley will co-ordinate the Daily Moves program for the Eastern Region Alliance with two grant funded staff members.

For more information, please visit unley.sa.gov.au

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