26 May 2019

Full Council meeting: May 27th 2019

You may find the following of interest:

  • Petitions for both Leah St and regarding lighting at Unley Oval: 
  • Animal Management Plan: This is the third year of the 2016-220 Plan. In the last year Dog and Cat Registration Online has been achieved. Council is also proud of its more caring role when finding lost dogs: where possible they are now reunited with their owner rather than being impounded.
  • Review of Waste Management Plan: Council wishes to continue to encourage the reduction in waste creation and to find the best environmental solutions when disposing of the waste that it does collect.
  • Community Grants Program Allocation of Funding: Clarence Park Ward gained monies  fro Black Forest PS to implement a walking school bus to encourage students to walk to school. The Fairmont Tennis Club and Millswood Bowling club were granted money to purchase defibrillators. Lastly Goodwood Saints Football and Forestville Hockey clubs gained money for new equipment.
  • Compliance Policy: This policy will provide staff with a clear process and guidance to discharge their duties in a manner that is accountable,transparent, consistent, proportional and timely
  • Leah St Renewal: Leah St  needs to be reconstructed as it is failing. The reports discusses streetscape upgrading that can occur at the same time
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority; Philanthropic Distribution of Trust Monies: CP  established a education trust fund in 1993 that now has $120,000 in it. CP wishes to dispose of the funds, half of which will come to Unley, as they have never been used. The reports suggeste several options.
  • Appointment of Audit Committee Members: CONFIDENTIAL

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