05 May 2019

How will Millswood be protected?

Image result for MIllswood BungalowsAs the State Government continues to roll out it's much simplified development plan it is increasingly obvious that at least 12,000 dwellings that have been protected by the use of Heritage Zones rather than individual listings (State or Local heritage protection). Spacious Millswood is one of these zones (Millswood west of Goodwood Rd). The current, and previous level of protection has been such that there is little recent subdivision of blocks and when a building has been demolished as it was irreparable (fire, severer cracking and sometimes neglect) the replacement buildings have been of a high standard and considered to make a better contribution than the original dwelling. As the heritage zone disappears each building will need to be individually listed if the protection is to continue. Unfortunately, the test to have them listed will be much higher than the one to be included in the heritage zone. Many will not make the grade and will, therefore, be probably targeted by developers. There is much work needed to be done on this.

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  1. FOCUS presented an excellent session last on this last night that was well attended. There needs to be genuine commitment from the government to protect our heritage buildings.