19 February 2020

Help stop the planning nightmare!

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Submissions to DPTI close Feb 28th
We have had a wonderful response so far from residents regarding writing submissions to DPTI concerning proposed planning changes for Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Ave). This has been a great examples or residents working with each other to get the zoning they want for their neighbourhood. Following the public meeting late in January residents have designed templates, met with neighbours, knocked on doors, collected written submissions and have obtained an amazing result. Nevertheless, there is time for more people to get mobilized. you need to write about.

  • Sites changed  350m² to 300m² (or down to 200m² for row housing) 
  • Setbacks have been drastically reduced
  • The changes that the draft indicates would allow for most sites a 3 for 1 redevelopment opportunity.  In many cases, particularly corner sites, this grows to 4 for 1 or more
  • Loss of parking
  • That the current RB350 zone be transitioned into the Suburban Neighbourhood Zone that will enable block sizes to remain unchanged .

You might also find this link useful?  crussell5.wordpress.com 

š Email to DPTI.PlanningReformSubmissions@sa.gov.au   

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