26 July 2020

Full Council meeting, July 27th, 2020

The following may be of interest:
  • 2020-21 Annual Business Plan: This has taken a lot of planning and has taken some hits as far as income is concerned and  consequent changes.  The highlights are:
  1. Rate increase of 0%
  2. Growth rate of .7%
  3. Projected surplus of $1.3m
  4. Operating projects of $0.7m
  5. Renewal of Capital Works of  $7.6m
  6. New Capital works of $2.7m
  7. No new borrowings
  8. Maintaining existing services
Key environmental items include tree planting, greening verges,water wells, a Climate Energy Plan, flood hazard policy update and climate change resilience programs. Council will continue to host a staged start for the Tour Down Under but the Gourmet Gala has been cancelled.
  • 2020-21 Long Term Financial Plan:
  • Millswood Sporting Complex-Millswood Croquet-New Clubrooms: The concept design is now complete and needs Council approval to  undertake community consultation. This plan is exiting for the club and it's members. (see separate blog for the design concept)
  • Animal Management Plan: This report is an update on what has been achieved in the final year of a 4 year plan:While the percentage of trained dogs and  registered dogs have not met target the use use of an electronic database has been successful as has been highly regarded.
  • Conservation Grants 2019-20: Council offers grants to assist with the restoration of heritage protected buildings,: grant applications totally nearly $45,000 have been recommended. Many of the properties were in Clarence Park. Grants were also given for pruning significant trees.
  • Request for Rate Relief- Sturt Football Club: Sturt like many businesses has taken a fall in revenue during COVID-19 and are asking for fee  and rate relief up to  nearly $20,000.
  • Financial Measures to Meet Tree Canopy Target: Council continues to grapple with a realistic and fair way to encourage more trees to be planted on private land.
  • Statutes Amended (Local Government Review) Bill 2020: Council will consider the range of changes proposed in the current bill that is before the parliament; these include fewer councillors, better ways to manage poor behavior and rate capping. It has some good things but a few of the obvious and necessary changes have been overlooked; these being compulsory voting and on-line voting which would make an historic change for the better rather that fiddling with the edges.
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Charter:
  • Centennial Park_Liability Guarantee Fee 2020: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Appointment of Members to Brown Hill Creek Stormwater Board: CONFIDENTIAL
  • Assessment of CEO's 2019-20 Key Performance Indicators: CONFIDENTIAL

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