28 July 2020

Your Say: Animal Management Plan

The  Animal Management Plan 2021-2025 is currently under development and will include your greater involvement and endorsement over the coming months.

As a prelude to that involvement, Council has already started collecting information from our community in the form of a Survey.  The aim of this Survey is to review the existing provisions for dogs within the City of Unley’s parks, reserves, and sporting ovals, including on-leash, off-leash and dog prohibited areas.

 The Survey focuses on dog provisions in the following types of public open space:

Public open space

Existing dog provisions

Sporting ovals

Off-leash at all times, except during sporting activities

Parks with time-share arrangements

On-leash between 10 am - 5 pm, daily

Parks with different zones in the same park

Parks with a combination of off-leash,
on-leash or dogs prohibited areas

Local parks/reserves

Dogs on-leash at all times

Fenced/unfenced children’s playgrounds

Dogs prohibited at all times – fenced

Dogs prohibited within 3 metres - unfenced


The Survey will be open until the 18 August 2020 and will be promoted through social media and through signage which is to be placed at parks, reserves and sporting ovals.



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