06 July 2020

What They have Heard: but will they make the change?

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Late in June the What We Heard Report was finally released. A link to it can be found here. To summarise they received 1790 applications of which 1414 were from the general public. It would seem that Black Forest and Clarence Park( west) residents have been heard it that the report acknowledges that the Technical Numeric Variations were not seen to have been applied fairly and that the conversion of many suburbs to General Neighbourhood zones instead of Suburban Neighbourhood zones was not well received in Council areas such as Unley. Also mentioned were an overwhelming desire to retain 1700 mm sill heights and for the increased tree canopy measures. The implementation of changes (hopefully consistent with consultation) will now not be implemented until December, at the earliest. For now we can do little more than wait and hope that common sense will prevail.

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