28 June 2020

Full Council meeting June 23rd, 2020

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  • Weller St Bicycle route, proposed slow points: In 2018 Council approved the slow points after extensive consultation with the community. However, the improvements were delayed until the completion of the King William Road upgrade. Following a deputation from a resident (against the development) and a resident (for the development) Council unanimously decided to continue with the works. The finished  treatments will look like the one's in Wood Street.
  • Unley Civic Precinct_Edmund Ave cottages development- Concept design: The Council voted to proceed to detailed design.
  • Beehives and native bee hotels: Unfortunately, Council have delayed a decision on this as some councillors did not think that  the chosen location of the bee hive, the Unley Community  Centre, was appropriate and need further investigation. The hotels will be installed at Soutar Park.
  • Initiation of a representation review: This must be done every eight years and is due to be undertaken this year. New legislation before the parliament is likely to call for a maximum of 12 elected members on any one council. Unley currently has 13. There are plenty of alternate options, the easiest would be to elected councilors from the existing ward structure and for them to choose the mayor. We can change the ward structure to have 5 wards with 2 councillors from each ward or even erase the ward structure altogether  and elect councillors and the mayor at large. Slightly more innovative would see 3 wards and each ward elect 3 councilors.
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