09 June 2020

Unley Life to go digital

Council are issuing the Winter edition of Unley Life magazine predominantly as a digital publication, which will have a number of benefits for our community and the environment.

The magazine is far more ‘active’. In this issue there are 55 ‘live links’ that take the reader instantly to our programs, key documents and important contacts in one click. There is also a video available, and I urge you to read about Echo’s artistic creator, then watch a short one-minute film of it in Heywood Park, it’s stunning. The digital version of Winter 2020 has two extra pages in it, with added warming recipes for the cold months ahead too!

To support the transition to a digital publication they’ve also set up an easy subscription process so you  can register to have Unley Life delivered directly into your inbox and can nominate as many email addresses as you want to have it delivered to.

Print numbers will be cut by about 90%, but Council are still printing over 1,000 copies. To ensure Council looks after our older residents, we are delivering Unley Life to 20 aged care centres or retirement living locations across Unley, and we will also have printed copies available for the public in our Civic Centre, Libraries and Community Centres.

While the decision represents a significant saving in print and delivery costs to council, the other added benefit is to the environment, with less old copies going into hard waste or recycling.

Please enjoy the first fully-digital Unley Life magazine, which is via this link https://www.unley.sa.gov.au/Page/Unley-Life-Magazine

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