15 October 2020

Are we ready for E-scooters


Council discussed the introduction of E-scooters into Unley at a briefing on Monday evening. This is still in the planning stage and no formal motion is presently before the Council, however, one will be in the Agenda early next year. The hope is that these will:

  • provide an alternate cheap form of transport for short distances
  • provide easy connectivity with Adelaide (this will need the removal of the CBD barrier at South Terrace) and within Unley
  • improved east-west connectivity
  • they could clog up King Willian Rd and other busy areas (they can be programmed to not work in prescribed areas)
So what are the downsides;
  • they could get left all over the place (hopefully, there will be incentives to park in agreed locations)
  • they look untidy ( the above should improve this)
  • they can be trip hazards
  • they don't share the footpath in a safe manner (discussion was held around them not being able to used on narrow footpaths)


  1. So what about mobility scooters?

  2. Changes to state government legislation are required. Even e-scooters can only be used on footpaths as part of a trial. Many are ready to purchase but need the trials to end.