24 October 2020

Full Council meeting: October 26th 2020

 You might find the following of interest?

  • Declaration of a Climate Change Emergency: Cr Jane Russo has take the responsibility to get the motion written with the help of others. The full motion can be found here. There has been enormous support from the community to put this motion forward.
  • Millswood Sporting Complex-Millswood Croquet -New Club Rooms: the plans for this have been consulted with the Community and there have been some suggestions for change. However, the location would seem to be the most problematic. This is between the Bowls and Croquet this allowing full view of all 3 greens from the clubrooms and allowing for a larger building footprint. If approved the plans will proceed to detailed design and at this point we we can discuss wall finishes, additional embellishments, etc.
  • Request to fly the Eureka Flag: This request has been made by Spirit of Eureka and will be between Dec1st and Dec3rd. The Eureka Stockade was a defining point in Australian history. It is displayed in the Ballarat Art gallery and is well worth stopping in to see.
  • Section 270 Review: Langdon Ave yellow line: The length of the yellow line in Langdon Ave, Northern side nearest East Ave is under review.
  • Representation Review: Following the motion last month that added additional content to the consultation papers the final report is back to Council . You can review the process and help us make a decision by you participation in the process.
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor: This position is vacant again and will be decided on the night.
  • Australia Day Event: Some additional funding could be made available for a small street party after the Citizenship ceremony.
  • Council Major Event: CONFIDENTIAL

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